Steaming to Valtimo 11.6.2016

Spring travel to Valtimo Opening steam era to go to Valtimo by Tk3 1168 ”Lili” Tickets: Addult 20€ Children(4-11years) 10€ Duration 2hours

Steam locomotive Heikki 75 years

Celebration train to Valtimo 26.6.2016 Special Tickets: 7.50€ No children tickets. Duration 2hours

Midnight Special in July 2.7.2016

Welcome to an unforgettable midnight travel by steam lokomotive from Nurmes to Kontiomäki and back. The train has also a sleeping car and a Cafe car. Tickets Addults 80€, Sleeping car 100€, Children In half price Duration 6 hours

Event changes are possible!