Events 2019


1.7.2019 Charter train ( Fototrain) to Vuokatti and back Nurmes 4.50, Vuokatti 7.00, 9.10 and many fotostops on the line. Nurmes 17.30.

3.7 Nurmes Academy of music train to Valtimo Nurmes 19.00, Valtimo 19.50, return Valtimo 22.15, Nurmes 22.50
Fares: Adults 30€ children(4-11years old) half price. Duration 2 hours.                                          includes a concert ticket in the Valtimo Church

20.7 Höyryraide 25th anniversary celebration Höljäkkä Nurmes 10.15, Höljäkkä 10.50 return Höljäkkä 12.30, Nurmes 13.05
Fares: Adults 20€ children(4-11years old) half price. Duration 2 hours

16-18.2019 Bear Festival Ilomantsi Timetable ready later.


Steam engine “Heikki” 75 years old   ATT: Cancel

Hämärän kaupan ilta ?

Steam train to the main event of in Lieksa

Fares: Adults 50€ return, children(4-12 years old) half price

Timetable: Nurmes 16.30, Höljäkkä 16.58, Kylänlahti 17.28, Lieksa 17.50                                                              Lieksa 21.10, Kylänlahti 21.30, Höljäkkä 21.58, Nurmes 22.25

Steamrail reserves the right to changes.


Steamtrain on North-Karelia

IMG_9032A SteamTrain in North-Karelia

Listen to the puffing of the steam locomotive, the clanking of  rails. Hear how the whistle blows and the bell clangs. Sniff the burning birch wood and see how the power of steam gets a train moving.

Welcome to a museum train excursion. A steam train lets you get acquainted with unhurried way of travelling of travelling of a bygone era. Our steam trains are ready to take you on a journey into the word of  into the world of fhe past.